Make your next event shine.

A print in hand keeps the guests smiling!

There's not much more fun at a convention or party than being able to receive a custom print on the spot. At Richard Productions, we believe that marketing is the key to success. What better way to market your name, or celebrate your employees, than to give them a custom print to take home?

Green screen technology is the bomb!

We've been using green screen technology for years. It gives us the ability to create custom backgrounds and apply text and graphic overlays to images - making the final print a perfect advertising tool. We have more than six printers that allow us to create prints from wallets up to 8x10s immediately after the images are taken.

Also, we have green screens sized for just couples, to 20-feet wide to accommodate large groups. This is in sharp contrast to those stuffy little photo booths that can barely handle three or four subjects at a time.

Props? We have 'em! Nothing more silly than huge sunglasses, boas and all sorts of hats to liven up the moment. Combine the final print with a waffle-stock folder frame, and you have the perfect gift for your guests.

Let us create something unique for your next event.

We are ready to create that perfect background, coupled with your text and logo, to make your next event a total success. No crowd is too small or too big for us. All you need to do is call or email us today!