Effective marketing is the key to success!

Experience does matter.

While most photographers today are relatively new in the business, they primarily work in the wedding and portraiture markets. Of course, Jim Richard provides those services regularly.

With more than 30 years of professional experience, Jim has branched out into virtually every photography and video market, and he excels in advertising/marketing content.

Skills are important, but so is the equipment.

A good photographer can create great images, even with an inexpensive camera. But to get the kind of quality that most commercial clients expect, you definitely need more than just a simple DSLR camera, lens and flash.

For years, Jim Richard has invested considerable resources in his business, purchasing top-end equipment that helps ensure the final product is impeccable. From still cameras, studio lighting, pro printers and aerial drones, to 4K video cameras, LED lighting, professional audio recording equipment and editing software, the list is virtually endless.

Let's get together.

When you are ready to promote your company and its services, we welcome you to contact us for a private consultation to discuss your specific needs, and exactly what we can do for you. Effective, professional marketing is the key to a successful business. We are here to help make that happen for you.